January 28,2020

Talking about death is not an easy topic in the U.S. For many of us, discussions of death feel 'morbid' - which I feel is just code for dreadfully uncomfortable. However, death can come at any time. While my work focuses on those who know their transition is near, there are accidents and tragedies daily which take loved ones away. Have you discussed your wishes for your funeral? Do you have a living will or advance directive? Are you an organ donor? What legacy are you leaving - either tangible or in the form of values and morals? How do you want to be remembered? 

While these may not sound like dinner table conversations, normalizing death and grief have been shown to improve resiliency by assisting the grieving in identifying resources within themselves to assist in coping.

(LoI: https://pj.news.chass.ncsu.edu/2017/11/06/death-is-taboo-but-good-grief-is-normalizing-it-for-kids/)


Kelly Vergamini

End of Life Doula

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