Free Consultation 

Let’s get to know one another and see how I can support you and your family on this journey.

approx. 1 hour    

Phone & Email Support 

I am a phone call or email away. As we work together, you or your family may have questions or concerns, and issues may arise. Please know that I will be available to you.

Advanced Directive/Living Will

Initial meeting to go over wishes and end-of-life choices; second meeting to review formalized plan 

2 visits approx. 1 hour         

Vigil Planning

How do you want your journey to come to a close? How would you like to incorporate your culture, traditions, and faith?

I will meet with you and your family to create a “vigil plan” determining how you and your family would like the process to evolve. We will begin to explore your life, to bring meaning and awareness of your impact. 

Each person’s vigil plan is unique and customized to your preferences.

5-6 visits of approx. 1 hour each      

Grief & Bereavement/Other Supports

 Grief and bereavement support, companion support and guidance for all individuals. 

As a Doula, I  Do Not:

Make decisions for you or your family

Project any of my own beliefs onto your experience

Legacy Work


Legacy work can be done before or after a loved one's death. Legacy work leaves a physical artifact behind to explore the meaning and impact of a loved one's life on those left behind.

5-6 visits of approximately 1 hr each  

Vigil Plan + Legacy Work

Includes Vigil Plan package, plus I will work with you and/or your support system to develop legacy project(s) ideas and execution. Legacy projects help to deepen the exploration of the dying person's life and leave a physical artifact behind for loved ones.

10 visits approx. 1-2 hrs each   

Vigil Support

Daily visits during active stage of dying and through death. We will provide care givers support and guidance and ensure the Vigil Plan is carried out as intended. I will meet with the family a few weeks after the death to assist in processing the death.

*Can be 24-hour support

Kelly Vergamini

End of Life Doula

Tel: 703-347-3118

Capitol Heights, MD

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